10 Amazing Whale Photos From The Flip Nicklin

Photos by Flip Nicklin — who co founded whale trust, a non-profit organization dedicated to research and public education — of north pacific humpbacks in their winter hawaiian breading and birthing grounds (the photos without the spruce trees) and off the coast of alaska (the ones with the spruce trees), where they feed in the summer. this annual migration of about six thousand miles is one of the longest of any mammal.

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Cutest Bulldog Puppy GIFs

As the summer months approach and family vacations are being planned, the family pet also needs a vacation. Whether you decide to board your animal at the local pet motel, where they cater to your dogs every whim or taking your dog with you on vacation, these decisions need to be made as a family.

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First Koala Joey of the Season at Taronga Zoo

Australia’s Taronga Zoo welcomes its first koala joey for this year’s breeding season, with the little female beginning to explore the world outside her mother’s pouch.

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Oh my, so ferocious.

12 Adorable Animals Want You to Say "Hi"

Animals that are happy to meet you, I'm sure some of these animals will make you smile today. These super cute animals are really adorable and they just can't wait to say hello!

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Cutest GIFs Of Pitt Bull Puppies Behind The Bars

I love pit bulls, but I'm scared to get one. I have always taken the whole "murderous dog" thing with a grain of salt, but my parents' friends own a pit bull and, sure enough, it bit someone's hand while they were studying and they had to get 30+ stitches. All I know is I definitely don't want them in the house with a child.

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Wildlife Pictures Of Beautiful Foxes

Under the cut you will find 7 photos of Foxes requested by anonymous. None of these photos are mine, so credit goes to the photo makers.

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Summer Time and the Livings EaSquee

Adorable Rescued Piglets